BA has adopted the best agricultural practices extensively aimed at meeting every consumer needs and preference for product. The products are quality rich, safe and are processed, packaged and delivered with due cognizance to the environment and the social commitments of a responsible corporate.  
  On-field Practices    
  Contract farming and cluster sowing within a radius of 100-150 kms from the processing facility.    

Well trained and equipped farmers who can sow and produce different crops in pre-identified agricultural areas throughout the 12-month period in a calendar year.


In-place Fruit-fly control system.


Experienced field team to ensure crop delivery and quality.

    Exhaustive and scientific process for seed selection & examination.  
    Pesticides/fungicides use strictly per EU & USFDA norms.  

Extensive control on Maximum Residue Level using standard POP and strict monitoring of the same, tested at an external lab once in every 6 months.

  Contract growing of vegetables under our close supervision & monitoring.    
  Proximity of growing areas to factory ensures freshness of product.    
  Adopted Successfully Sustainable Agriculture practices which ensures very low use of pesticide and fungicides.    
    Periodical Analysis of pesticide residue, and water.  
    Supplier audit and daily inspection of all raw materials.  
    Periodical analysis of all the raw materials.  
    Tracebility of all raw materials to its source at any point.  
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